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GBWhatsApp: why is it so successful? See roles and risks


GBWhatsApp, released in 2014, is a modified APK of the original messenger, available only for Android phones. To download the app, which is not present in the Google Play Store, users need to resort to links of dubious origin, hosted on unofficial platforms. Despite the numerous security risks, the cloned version of WhatsApp is very successful because of the promise of “exclusive” features in the messenger. Understand below why they use GBWhatsApp and the possible dangers of the APK.

How does GBWhatsApp differ from official WhatsApp?


GBWhatsApp was created by unknown developers and, like several other similar options, works as a kind of clone of the official messaging app. It has the same structure and interface as the original but differs by offering additional features that are not available in WhatsApp – for example, the ability to take the “online” out of the app.

Although the creators claim to use the same encryption server as Meta’s service, it is not possible to certify that they obey the same privacy and security policies.

What are the APK’s unique functions that are not available in the official app?


The enthusiasm for the cloned version is due to its “unique” functions, which do not exist in the original WhatsApp. Examples are the ability to hide online status, customize the app to make the interface colorful, schedule messages, read deleted messages, create broadcast lists with up to 600 contacts and create self-destruct messages. Furthermore, in MOD it is possible to download statuses and connect more than one number in the same profile.

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In addition, users are still allowed to send up to 90 photos at once, videos up to 50MB in size, and even features that the original version only provides for WhatsApp Business, such as auto-replies.

How does it work and what are the risks of using the APK?


Because it is an APK – a modified version that is not available for download in the official app stores – the user needs to download the mod on unknown websites. So, to install GBWhatsApp on an Android smartphone, it is necessary to activate the unofficial app installation key – which opens the door for malware infection of the phone if the download is contaminated, for example.

In addition, the user may end up exposing various data, both personal and third-party, since it is not possible to know for sure how the mod handles the information disclosed in the app – which makes it easier for hackers to apply scams.

Can using GBWhatsApp get you banned from the app?

According to Meta, the company responsible for WhatsApp, users who use the pirated version of the app can be temporarily or permanently banned from the messenger. The period of account suspension varies according to the number of times the user has been banned, and this happens for violating the terms and conditions of the app, which prohibits downloading and using cloned versions.

On Twitter, internet users are divided between those who use and like the application, and those who question the use of this type of APK, since it extrapolates the privacy limits of other users.

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