Five reasons to buy a vacuuming robot

A vacuuming robot can make the cleaning routine at home much more practical. With the promise of vacuuming the environment autonomously, some models even promise to sweep and wipe to perform a complete cleaning. These products also have rechargeable batteries and can be programmed to perform the task at times determined by the user.

In national e-commerce, it is already possible to find several brands and models of these devices. Next, Techidence lists five reasons for users to buy a vacuuming robot. You can find some models that we indicate as an example on Amazon.

1. Variety of prices


With the popularity of smart appliances, it is possible to find, in e-commerce, several brands, and models with varied prices. At Amazon, consumers can buy an entry-level robot vacuum cleaner for as little as $39, and they can vacuum, sweep, and wipe the environment.

A mid-range option can return to the base when the battery is low and promises to filter dust mites and bacteria while cleaning the environment.

In the line of more complete products that may have a higher price, an interesting model is the iLife V8s. The standalone cleaning equipment has a 750 ml tank, which allows you to clean large spaces with ease and without the need to empty its compartment. With the promise of great suction power, the device sells for as little as $219.

2. Automation

Roborock S6

Being a smart product, one of the possibilities that the robot vacuum cleaner presents is the automation of cleaning. With this, users do not need to worry about turning it on to start cleaning: they just need to program it to start working at a certain time. The control of the function can be performed by remote controls, a physical button menu on the device itself, voice command via voice assistant, and even by application on smartphones.

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The cleaning scheduling feature, however, is not available in all models sold in the market. Therefore, it is necessary that the consumer is attentive when choosing his robot vacuum cleaner and knows all the functions it offers. In addition, it is worth researching whether the programming mode meets the user’s needs. The more complete and higher-priced models tend to have various activation modes and automation features that can be controlled from anywhere.

3. Smart home

Roborock S7 Pro Ultra

Some robot vacuum models can be added to smart home systems for virtual assistant automation features. Thus, it is possible to trigger the cleaning device by Alexa, for example. Smart vacuum cleaner models that support smart home functions can also be connected to systems that use Google Assistant, Siri, and Bixby. You can check the information in the instruction manual of the chosen model.

The smart functions may vary from model to model. There are some with Wi-Fi connections that can be added to the smart home device set. Some 3-in-1 product promises to perform thorough cleaning by sweeping, mopping and vacuuming the room. With its mobile app, users can control the device from wherever they are and configure the settings to trigger it via voice command through Alexa or Google Assistant.

4. More than a vacuum cleaner

Roborock H7

In order to perform a more efficient cleaning of the environment, robot vacuum cleaners also perform extra cleaning features, making the users’ routine more practical. In addition to vacuuming the environment, some models also sweep and mop the floor. Combining the products with automation resources, the user can get a complete cleaning of the house while at work, for example.

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There is an option that offers complete cleaning of the environment. The model can work while the user performs other tasks. In addition to vacuuming, the device sweeps the environment with rotating bristles that stay on its base and wipes the environment with a mop. It is even possible to add a water reservoir to the robot.

5. No worries about battery

Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra

Robotic vacuum cleaners use batteries that can be recharged as they are used. Some models need to be placed manually by the user to recharge. Others, more advanced, can return to the charging base by themselves when the battery is low.

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