FamiSafe: The First Parental Control that Monitors Kid’s Internet Activities and Location Tracker

According to a study conducted by GlobalWebIndex in 2019, 41% of TikTok users are between 16 and 24 years old. Another study conducted by BusinessofApps in the same year reflects that users spend an average of 52 minutes within the application.

With all this data on the table, we can conclude that TikTok is one of the applications that steal the most time from the youngest members of the household, along with Instagram, YouTube, and Twitch to a lesser extent. Faced with this problem, Google and Apple have designed different parental control solutions that are natively integrated into Android and iOS devices. The problem with these systems arises precisely from the limitations that they present concerning other solutions on the market. 

FamiSafe arrives precisely as the first solution capable of monitoring the use of TikTok not only on Android or iOS mobile devices, but also on Windows, Mac, and Kindle Fire simultaneously and on different computers.

In addition to limiting the use of the application remotely, the tool developed by Wondershare allows us to know the viewing history of TikTok. To this, we must add the string of functions that are integrated directly into the application to limit the use of the device or web browsing, among others.

Get Control of TikTok of with FamiSafe: Viewing History, Viewing Time


FamiSafe is the first parental control solution capable of controlling and limiting the use of social media on mobile devices. From the control designed for parents, FamiSafe allows users to obtain the complete list of videos played in the application, as well as a graph with the total time of use.

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The tool also generates a preview of the videos to play them directly from the application or the web manager. The tool also provides users with a complete calendar where you can view the application session time per day, as well as the TikTok viewing history and the total number of videos played.

To limit the use of TikTok or other social media apps, as well as the rest of the phone’s applications, Wondershare’s tool allows users to set a time limit through the application’s native options. You can also set a time limit depending on the day of the week to limit the use of the device depending on the time of the year. Once the time limit is exceeded, access to the application will be limited by code, which you can configure from the FamiSafe options.

Another of the functions integrated into the FamiSafe parental control panel allows us to limit the opening of certain applications. You can also set a time limit depending on the application, while you can limit access to TikTok and other applications depending on the user’s needs. This is especially useful if the device has educational applications, such as Teams, Microsoft Word or Google Documents.

Web Filtering, Location History, YouTube Control, and More


FamiSafe’s capabilities are not limited to the use of TikTok. The application’s parental control functions allow users to obtain all kinds of information related to the use of applications. For example, you can create web filters to limit access to certain sites with explicit content. FamiSafe has a tool that detects explicit content in applications such as WhatsApp, Twitter, YouTube, or Instagram, among others. It also has a filter aimed at limiting the reception of images of a suspicious nature, with a personalized alert system that warns parents when the image in question is received on the phone.

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In terms of content management, you can limit the installation of new applications, as well as limit the sending of SMS and the opening of applications that make use of the camera to take pictures. In this sense, FamiSafe analyzes the history of actions performed on the phone, from opening applications to accessing web pages through the browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox) and system settings. As with TikTok, the tool provides us with a calendar to get a complete view of the device’s activity history.

Speaking of application control, YouTube has a specific section that allows us to know the video viewing history. In this sense, FamiSafe allows users to create a series of filters with suspicious terms, channels, or videos. You can also limit the viewing of videos by category (violence, sex, nudity), as with TikTok.

Last but not least, WonderShare’s tool provides parents with a complete location manager, where in addition to displaying the phone’s position in real-time, you can obtain a list of the device’s location history. Drive Safety is another of the functions integrated into FamiSafe to control the driving of our children, a function that allows users to know both the position of the vehicle and the speed of circulation.

Compatible with Android, iOS, and Web Browsers


FamiSafe is compatible with Android and iOS devices, such as iPhone and iPad. To control the different functions of the application remotely, you can use a conventional browser through a computer with Windows, Mac, or Linux or the application with the same name on Android and iOS.

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Once you have installed the application on the ‘parent’ device, you will have to download FamiSafe Kids on the other devices you want to control remotely. To synchronize the two applications, FamiSafe has a code access system to facilitate the connection of the different devices. It should be noted that the application has a free trial period for Android and iOS devices, which is accessible through its Google Play Store and App Store download.

FamiSafe School, the Version Adapted to Students

Another tool available in the Wondershare ecosystem is FamiSafe School, which arrives as the parental control solution for parents with children of school age. In this case, the tool adapts its functions to the different needs of students, with time control per application, access control and installation of applications, and a whole list of usage statistics to know the use of the different functions and applications of the device.

FamiSafe School also allows users to block access to certain web pages, both by domain and address as well as by content type (nudity, entertainment) through a customizable blacklist. You can also know the browsing history, as well as generate alerts through the application. The tool has a time control system that allows users to reward their children with time ‘packages’.

The rest of the functions that are integrated into FamiSafe allow users to know the location of users in real-time, in addition to analyzing the content of the photographs in search of nudity.

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