Best Online Learning Platforms

Online learning platforms are a fantastic way to learn at your own pace whether your goal is to get new, marketable skills or you want to learn more about a subject. Selecting virtual classes over in-person ones will also enable you to finish courses more quickly and at a lower cost. In actuality, people pick up information 40% more quickly online than in-person.

Some platforms for online learning provide credentials, while others are only meant to help you develop your talents for your personal and professional lives. Here are our suggestions for the top online learning environments you can join right now, including Masterclass and Coursera.

Moodle LMS

Even if commercial software has its uses, there are instances when what an open-source project can do, such as Moodle LMS, is extremely amazing. It’s free to download and use this open-source learning tool. While there isn’t much in the way of direct assistance, there is still a ton of material available, including tips on how to utilize this platform, and an organization can even hire one of the 80 Certified Service Providers to make up for that deficiency:

An integrated text editor, interactivity with multiple-choice questions included in the material, and support for third-party cloud storage services like DropBox to submit assignments are just a few features that learners and teachers will appreciate. Additionally, it may handle several languages and open standards like SCORM.


Skillshare is among the most popular websites for online learning. It includes a vast library of more than 30,000 lessons that are broken down into three groups: Thrive, Build, and Create.

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Project-based learning, which Skillshare advocates, enables students to develop their creativity and use new abilities in real-world situations. Every course consists of two components: a class project and a video presentation, typically lasting between 20 and 60 minutes.

Despite the fact that Skillshare has a huge selection of top-notch courses, you should be aware that none of them have official approval from any agencies, and the website does not give certificates of completion. It’s not a place to get a degree; it’s a place to increase your knowledge and learn new skills.


One of the biggest platforms for online learning in the world, Coursera collaborates with more than 200 prestigious institutions and businesses to provide the best courses in a wide range of areas. It has millions of students.

There are offered single classes, certificate courses, and college-level courses. Others are paid, while others are free. You have two options: purchase each course separately or sign up for a Coursera Plus subscription, which grants you access to all courses for an annual cost.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning offers an astounding degree of engagement by combining practice exercises and quizzes with microlearning videos. Upon successful completion of the course, you are awarded a certificate that you may proudly show on your LinkedIn profile.

Despite the fact that they are not certified, it raises your profile and can drastically alter your access to commercial prospects. LinkedIn Learning provides the best instruction and output among these online learning systems.

For individuals or businesses looking to upgrade the skills of their employees in the business, technological, and creative industries, LinkedIn Learning is the best option. Microlearning courses offer the greatest degree of freedom and flexibility since the platform allows for them.

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University-level online courses are available through the MOOC portal edX. One-off courses, the MicroMasters Program, Professional Certificates, Global Freshmen Academy, and XSeries Program are among the platform’s six distinct program options. These programs offer skill development classes for students to better comprehend a subject as well as to fulfill the demands of the current labor market and leisure activities.

iSpring Learn 

With the help of the cloud-based LMS iSpring Learn, you can quickly build and deliver training programs and efficiently monitor student progress. It addresses all training requirements and procedures, from onboarding new employees to developing intricate step-by-step training manuals. With the help of online courses, iSpring Learn enables both bare-bones eLearning and live classes delivered through Zoom web conferencing. Because iSpring Learn is accessible in 22 languages, it is ideal for distributed teams.


The majority of online education systems place a strong emphasis on future-ready abilities like critical thinking and flexibility. The success of online learning systems is significantly influenced by these critical elements.

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