In the times we live in, we have become much more concerned about hygiene than we used to be (although it should always be at the forefront of our concerns). And this has, of course, also reached household appliances. Beko has been one of the pioneers in developing a whole range focused on hygiene called HygieneShield, including refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens, and of course washing machines. The Beko HTV 8736 XSHTR washer dryer is capable of eliminating up to 99% of viruses and bacteria from clothes throughout the washing process through the use of hot air. Among these viruses is, as you would expect, the coronavirus.

But this model is much more. It allows a maximum load of 8 kg in washes and 5 kg in dries, with up to 15 different programs. One of them is specifically designed for you to do a small wash with the clothes of the day or the following days (1 kilo of clothes) and have it ready in an hour. The Beko HTV 8736 XSHTR washer dryer is available in stores for €465. Here are the details of this model.

Beko HTV 8736 XSHTR Datasheet

Beko HTV 8736 XSHTR
Washing capacity (kg)8 kg
Drying capacity5 kg
Maximum spin speed1400 rpm
Sound level for washing56 dBA
Drying noise level64 dBA
Rotating noise level76 dBA
MotorProSmart™ Inverter Motor
Dimensions84 x 60 x 59 cm
Scheduled startUp to 24 hours
Screen typeDigital screen
Type of installationFree installation
Energy label
Downloadable programsYes
Programs15 in total. Cotton, Eco 40-60, Synthetics, Wool / Hand wash, Daily Express / Express super short 14 min,
Downloadable program shirts, Spin + Empty, Rinse, Wash & Dry Cotton, Wash & Dry Synthetics, Program, Wash & Dry 5 kg, Ultra-hygienic results at any temperature, 1 kg of clothes ready to put them on in 1 h, Hygiene Air Refresh 
Features4 functions and 5 sub-functions. Pre-wash, Quick +, Dry, Bluetooth, Clean and fresh drum for clean and fresh laundry, SteamCure, Child safety lock, Bluetooth, AntiCrease +
SecurityChild safety lock    
Water leakage protection    
Electronic load balance    
control Automatic water adjustment

Purifying Clothes with Hot Air

The HTV 8736 XSHTR HygieneShield washer-dryer takes as its inspiration something as every day as sunlight to improve the disinfection of clothes during the entire washing process. Through the circulation of hot air, the company can ensure that more than 99% of bacteria and viruses are eradicated. In case you were wondering, this high percentage also includes the coronavirus.

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Beko HTV 8736 XSHTR

You should know that HygieneShield is not a technology exclusive to this model. Beko uses it, in addition to washing machines and dryers, in countless household appliances. Its potential extends to ovens, dishwashers, and refrigerators. Although the main advantage is its effectiveness in eliminating pathogens, it also stands out for its exclusive use of air. It acts as a good complement to traditional washing, but without the need to use additional water.

ProSmart Inverter, The Motor of this Washing Machine

Beko HTV 8736 XSHTR motor

The motor of this washer dryer is striking for its high efficiency and durability. These virtues are combined with a low noise level emitted, increasing the comfort during washing, especially in homes with small dimensions.

Beko HTV 8736 XSHTR

Beko has chosen to use this type of motor in the HTV 8736 XSHTR HygieneShield for a good reason. Since it is very efficient, the user will not have to worry too much about the electricity bill. This is possible because it is a variable speed, frictionless motor. In this way, it is possible to squeeze the most out of both the washing and drying function without the family budget being affected at the end of the month.

A Long List of Built-in Programs

Beko has incorporated in this washing machine several washing programs for a variety of purposes. For example, the so-called Wash & Wear is capable of washing and drying up to 1 kg of laundry in one hour. It is designed for those moments when you need a particular outfit and you realize that you have not washed it.

Beko HTV 8736 XSHTR programs

On the other hand, Hygiene+ Wash & Dry is also included. As is well known, dust mites and bacteria can remain on clothes even after washing. For allergy sufferers, this can become a real problem. Thanks to the combination of a gentle temperature together with rinse and spin cycles, the HTV 8736 XSHTR HygieneShield takes care of removing these microorganisms from the laundry.

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Beko HTV 8736 XSHTR

Lastly, we highlight a program that takes care of cleaning the drum. Its name is DrumClean+. After intensive use of the washing machine, it is logical that the drum starts to give off odors, especially moisture. With the IonGuard technology included in the program, negative ions are circulated to eliminate odors and clean the drum. Maintaining hygiene in the drum allows the laundry to convey a feeling of total cleanliness.

AquaWave, Taking Care of Delicate Garments

Beko HTV 8736 XSHTR

The continuous washing and drying process gradually leads to wear and tear on the laundry. Beko wants to minimize this impact to a minimum with the HTV 8736 XSHTR HygieneShield and the AquaWave drum design. What does it mean? The design of the paddles mimics the movement of waves to treat laundry more gently. This also has a positive effect on the efficiency of washing and drying. But it is not only the drum that has been given a new design. It is also in the door glass, which helps to generate the kind of gentle movement your laundry needs during washing.

Pricing and Availability of the Beko HTV 8736 XSHTR HygieneShield

Beko HTV 8736 XSHTR

After the review we have done for the main features of the HTV 8736 XSHTR HygieneShield, it has been demonstrated that Beko continues to innovate in the field of household appliances. Anyone looking for a high-capacity washing machine that includes technologies aimed at improving the washing process will find it in this model. The long list of programs designed for everyday use, its enhanced hot air washing functions, and the elimination of unpleasant odors are some of its strong points. The Beko HTV 8736 XSHTR HygieneShield is now available from various retailers for a discounted price of €465.