Algorand Weekly Digest

This week in Algorand was filled with excitement and many activities from the team, it has been such a great week with a very dedicated team and community, after countless hours of hard work and focus. Here is the groundbreaking news from the Algorand ecosystem.

The CENTRE consortium — led by Coinbase and @circleinvest – is launching the USDC stablecoin on the Algorand network.

Algorand and Circle are promoting ALGO-based USDC as a base currency for distributed ledger-based financial applications. The CENTRE consortium, led by Coinbase and Circle, announced Thursday that its U.S. dollar-backed stablecoin, USD Coin (USDC), would be launched on the Algorand blockchain as part of a new collaboration with the Algorand Foundation.

Algorand Founder’s Chess Match Against a Grandmaster Recorded on Blockchain:

Algorand founder Silvio Micali played a Blockchain-recorded chess game against grandmaster Sergey Karjakin. This marked a historic moment for the fifteen-hundred-year-old game.

Algorand First-year MainNet Anniversary:

A year ago today was the beginning. The Algorand ecosystem all around the world celebrated the first year of Algorand MainNet, the support came from all amazing communities for empowering the next generation of development and innovation on Algorand. Algorand took to Linkedin and Twitter to share this remarkable journey.

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Algorand Asia Accelerator Series: A global stance on Asia:

This part of a webinar series leading up to the Algorand Asia Accelerator, where the Algorand team are invited to share their perspective and thoughts across a variety of topics.

Prominent people in attendance were Renowned MIT professor Silvio Micali, who is the recipient of the Turing Award (in computer science), the Gödel Prize (in theoretical computer science), and the RSA prize (in cryptography). At the same time, we also had the privilege of having Steve Kokinos, Chief Executive Officer at Algorand, as well as Sean Lee.

Algorand blockchain is Thrilled to partner with FIDE Online Arena and Theworldchess :

Algorand blockchain is Thrilled to partner with FIDE Online Arena and Theworldchess to bring official digital chess ratings onto the Algorand blockchain.

What’s New: Algorand v2.0.7

Last week, Algorand’s latest update included a fully redesigned indexer and refreshed APIs. Algorand v2.0.7 was released to MainNet and TestNet earlier in the week. This release was amid an update to the Algorand APIs (v2 API) including a replacement indexer API (indexer v2) to look at data on the blockchain

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