Algorand, The First Ever Blockchain used to Record Chess

The chess game dates back as far as 1500 years ago, is a unique game that requires strategy and tactics to play. 

This two-player game is not just fun but also considered a gentleman’s game, because of the strategies and great tactics required for one to effectively play it, and in most cases, it is believed to be a tool of military strategy, seeing as most battle plans are drawn from the chess game, using it to anticipate the moves of the enemy and surprisingly, in numerous cases, it has been of great help. 

Since it was created, Irrespective of its origin, it has been adopted all over the world, considered by many, as their favorite game, due to the level of value it carries. 

The good thing about chess is that it is not a game that is limited to a certain age limit, like adults, rather it is open to anyone who wishes to test their mental capabilities. So even children are welcomed to the game of chess, and all over the world, children have always been participants in the game, as it has been discovered to add more benefits to their lives. 

 Benefits Of The Chess Game

  • The chess game helps in the brain development of the players, especially children, who adopt the chess game from an early stage, as a game of mental exercise, to sharpen their brains due to the intellectual power needed in the game of chess. 
  • Since strategy is very vital even in our everyday lives, the chess game helps its players to strategize while playing the game, the same which could also be applied in real-life dealings. 
  • Another benefit of the chess game is that it instills in its players, the decision-making ability and also teaches the importance of proper planning since it is a strategy in the chess game. 
  •  It also helps to improve the memory of players and concentration, especially the young players, as it works their memories, giving no room for forgetfulness and ensuring that they are not easily distracted. 
  •  Mental clarity is another great benefit of taking part in the game of chess, as it helps the players make an assessment of situations and consider the different tactics to be applied, before making any move, giving them the upper hand when making a decision, as they can already anticipate the outcome or consequences of that move. 
  •  A chess player, is always confident in his ability, knowing that he is able to overcome anything with great concentration and careful decision, which is exactly what is needed in life to progress. 
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The benefits of the chess game to both the individual and the world at large are innumerable. 

All these benefits of the chess game don’t just stop in chess, rather it translates into the everyday lives of these players, as they get to apply the skills they have acquired while playing chess, to real-life activities. 

The Chess Game Becomes Digitalized 

Algorand and chess

The digitization of the global systems including the chess game has made the game more prominent than it used to be, making it easier for anyone to participate. 

Through the adoption of growing technologies, the chess game has been brought closer to the masses, seamlessly. 

But, since the world has gone digital, a game as valuable as chess should not be limited and often it has been realized that, despite the fact that chess is called a gentleman’s game, these “gentlemen” oftentimes, are dishonest while playing the game. 

A permanent solution is needed to ensure full transparency and effectiveness of the chess game. Luckily, the Algorand Blockchain is here. 

About The Algorand Blockchain 

ALGORAND has been invented as an open-source permissionless Blockchain, by the Algorand foundation, which will revolutionize every sector where it enters. 

It is developed based on the Pure Proof-of-Stake (PPOS) consensus to be completely immutable, fast, decentralized, scalable, and secured. 

These features make the Algorand Blockchain superior to the regular Blockchain, and that is why it has been embraced by different systems. 

The Chess Federation Adopts Algorand Blockchain

To provide a solution to the problem faced in digital chess, the chess federation has adopted the use of the Algorand Blockchain, which has unique qualities to make chess games reliable and efficient. 

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This innovative technology (Algorand Blockchain) will lead digital chess through the path of efficiency in its performance and bring about the massive adoption of the technology and the chess game. 

So, as a first step in the adoption of the Alogrand Blockchain, the world chess hosted a chess game virtually between the Algorand founder and the world’s chess youngest grandmaster, which was all recorded on the Algorand Blockchain. 

This adoption is due to how advanced the Algorand Blockchain is and its capabilities to be integrated into any system, for use in the improvement of that system. 

It is obvious that with a Blockchain as sophisticated as Algorand, the chess players will be kept honest as every activity is recorded on the immutable Blockchain, giving no room for any form of cheating or dishonesty. 

Benefits Of Algorand To The Chess Game

  1.  By being an open-source permissionless Blockchain, Algorand makes the chess game open to everyone across the world, leading to global participation in chess and the global adoption of the Blockchain. 
  2. It facilitates the accurate documentation of world chess data on its immutable network, Algorand makes digital chess rating more reliable and transparent, as every data recorded on the Algorand Blockchain is viewable globally, at any time. 
  3. The Algorand Blockchain is secured and immutable, making it impossible for anyone to tamper with the chess data stored on it, thereby providing a flawless digital chess system. 
  4. The Algorand Blockchain will give the global chess community full access to viable chess ratings because they are recorded on its framework, and are open to chess players worldwide. 
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Algorand and chess

Algorand Blockchain is chosen by not just the chess federation, but other systems too, who recognize its potential and understand the level at which it will improve their performance. 

Digital chess is about to experience a great turnaround through its adoption of the Alogrand Blockchain because it completely removes every imperfection present in any system. 

This adoption of the Alogrand Blockchain in recording the chess data is just a first step, and look how much it has already improved the chess game. This makes it obvious that the Algorand Blockchain is fully loaded to release all the benefits of the Blockchain to the world. 

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