Adobe FireFly: How to Use the New AI to Generate Images from Text Freely

Artificial intelligence-based image generators have been sprouting like mushrooms in recent months, and now a new competitor has arrived on the market: Adobe Firefly. Find out how to use the new AI for free to generate images from text and test first-hand the operation of a tool that could become an interesting alternative to DALL-E, Midjourney, or LogoAI.

Adobe’s AI-based image generator has a similar operation to DALL-E, being able to create unique images from scratch from the indications offered by the user in a text, but it also goes further. Another feature that can be tested is the application of effects to a text, something especially useful for designers or business owners who want to take care of their company’s corporate identity themselves.

The tool from the creators of Photoshop will not be limited to these solutions, as in the future Adobe Firefly will offer a wide range of functions. It will be possible to modify vector colors, extend the landscape of an image lengthwise or crosswise, transform hand-drawn images into realistic full-color images, and create design templates. All of these features are still under development but are expected to be available to users soon.

How to Request Free Access to the Adobe Firefly Imager

Those interested in finding out how to request free access to the Adobe Firefly image generator need only go to the Adobe Firefly website and click on the ‘Request access’ button at the top right of the screen. Access is only allowed through Chrome, Safari, or Edge browsers via computers, as there is no support at the time of writing for tablets or mobile devices.

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Adobe Firefly

Once you access the Adobe Firefly access request page you will have to fill out a simple form, which asks for your name, email address, and the country from which you are requesting access. In addition, you will also have to answer a question in English about what design-related activities you have been involved in during the last calendar year, as well as the purpose for which you want to use this artificial intelligence.

Adobe Firefly

Once the process is complete, just click on the ‘Next page’ button to send the request to the appropriate Adobe department and wait for confirmation in the mail.

How Adobe Firefly Artificial Intelligence Works

Adobe Firefly’s operation will not be strange to any user accustomed to using these artificial intelligence tools to generate images. As with Microsoft’s Image Maker which will be integrated into the Bing search engine, text prompts will have to be typed exclusively in English for now, as it is not yet available in other languages like Spanish.

Text to Image

With the ‘Text to image’ tool it will be possible to create an image from a text description. One of the new features of Adobe Firefly compared to other artificial intelligence models is the possibility of choosing the aspect ratio of the image.

On the other hand, with ‘Text effects’, the second tool available in the Adobe Firefly beta, users will be able to create effects for text no longer than 20 characters. This tool will be very interesting for designers of logos and corporate images since it will be possible to download them also with a transparent background in a simple way.

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