AcePDF Review: Does It Really Help You Edit PDFs Like a Pro?

PDF editing used to be a complex thing a few years back since only a few tools provided an easy editing experience. Simple things like PDF text editing or signing documents were complex. However, today things have become much more accessible. Everything is easily possible, from adding signs and watermarks to your PDF documents to editing text inside a PDF document. Today you can find multiple PDF editors, but for the best experience, you must get the best one.

AcePDF Overview

AcePDF is a PDF editor that brings the best user experience with a combination of all the features you need in an intelligent package. AcePDF Editor is a Windows-based tool that makes PDF editing extremely easy with its features making it a one-stop solution for everyone. Getting started here is pretty easy due to the modern user interface. The best part is that there are no issues regarding the PDF file size. So, you can edit, convert, organize, and work on PDF files of any size.

AcePDF Overview

Key Features of AcePDF

AcePDF is a feature-rich PDF editor that packs lots of features. Here is the complete list of features that you can use with AcePDF.

PDF Text Editing

AcePDF brings an extremely easy and effective PDF text editing experience. It is your ultimate tool to add new text to PDF files and change the previous text available to create a desired PDF file. Editing text in PDF files has always been challenging, but thanks to its word-like user interface, editing texts inside PDF without converting them has become surprisingly easy. Now you can add text, delete it, and change the font, text size, color, and orientation. And even add headers and footers in your PDF files. AcePDF also allows you to cut, paste, copy, and delete text and images.

PDF Text Editing

Instant Annotations

A massive user base uses PDF books and notes; they use annotations to make comprehension easier. Highlighting text or adding comments is the easiest on physical copies, but it can also be done on text documents. However, with AcePDF, it has become extremely easy to annotate your PDF files. It brings markups and annotations tools, including:

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· Underline

· Sticky notes

· Highlighting

· Strikethroughs

· Arrows

· Text comments

· Rectangles and other shapes

Instant Annotations

This way, you can make some parts of the text stand out from all other texts. Also, it assembles quickly comprehending the meaning of something important easier.

Supports Multiple 2-way Conversion Options

One of the best things about AcePDF is that it brings 2-way PDF conversion. With other PDF editors, you may need a conversion tool to convert the PDF and edit it. That’s not the case with AcePDF, as it allows you to make 2 pages into 1 PDF to and from:

· Word

· Excel

· PowerPoint



· Image formats.

Say that you have 2 files, one in Excel and one in PowerPoint. You may also open them together and make a combined PDF file for both files. AcePDF allows you to combine information from multiple files into one PDF in a few clicks.

Supports Multiple 2-way Conversion Options

Built-in OCR feature

Whether you want to add text from an image in an existing document or create a new document from an image, the OCR feature can significantly save you time. It is a feature that reads text from images and gives you the text taken from those images in editable format. With the intuitive interface, you can edit that text as per your requirements, and within a few clicks, you will have an image converted into a document with text as per your requirements. Furthermore, this built-in feature does not need you to install or download any plugins or additional tools.

Built-in OCR feature

PDF Page Management

Page management is an ideal text, spreadsheet, or presentation tool feature. However, it is not that commonly available in PDF editing tools. AcePDF brings PDF page management and organizing feature that gives you complete control over the document. Sometimes there are some unwanted pages that you need to delete. Similarly, the document needs page breaks added. With AcePDF, you can work on all such things to convert any PDF document in your desired manner. Page management also allows you to divide one large PDF into multiple PDF files and combine multiple PDF files into one large one.

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If your PDF file is not in the proper orientation or does not fully utilize the space in the document, you can use the PDF editing tools in AcePDF to make it fit perfectly in the given space. It allows you to rotate pages or documents, replace the content with existing pages, and work on headers, footers, and specific areas of the PDF. After applying all the editing efforts, the final product is a better visual document.

PDF Page Management

Form Filling and Signing Options

AcePDF brings form tools to quickly create PDF forms with all the required fields and the desired inputs. So, you can create a completely customized form that saves a lot of time while organizing your workflow. Not only that, but it also brings PDF signing feature.

Now to sign any PDF document, you do not need to print it, sign it, and scan it again to convert it to PDF. With AcePDF, all of this can be done with a few clicks with the sign PDF tool. Apart from signing, it also allows you to add signatures, date, time, the reason for signing, location, and other values.

Form Filling and Signing Options

Password Protection

If you have a PDF document that contains essential and confidential information that you only need to share with specific individuals, use the Password PDF protection feature. It encrypts the PDF with limited permission access. However, the password you create for this PDF can be shared, giving complete access to anyone who has access to this password.

Password Protection

Size Reduction with Compressing PDF

Another fantastic feature of AcePDF is PDF compression. This feature helps optimize and reduce the size of large PDF files like books and other documents. Thus, sharing and storing large files becomes more accessible in local storage. In addition, cloud storage is also cheaper since you are not using up much-paid storage space.

Size Reduction with Compressing PDF

Who Is AcePDF Best Suited For?

With the long list of features and functionalities and plans that suit every user, AcePDF is best suited for everyone starting, from students to teachers, business officials, and professionals from different fields of life. It has everything you will need from a PDF editor, regardless of your field of work.

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Overall Experience for AcePDF

Feature set

Regarding the feature set, you get much more than just a PDF editor. AcePDF is designed by keeping user needs in mind, offering every PDF editing feature. In our experience, the OCR tools, image editing, and annotations make it even more feature rich. One of the best things is the Form and signing feature. On the downside, these experiences are limited only to Windows users using Windows 8 all the way up to 11.

Beginner Experience and User Interface

AcePDF has almost no learning curve due to its user-friendly interface. Everywhere you get intuitively designed buttons with labels. Someone with little MS word experience can easily use AcePDF to its fullest potential. That’s what makes it an outstanding option for students.

Installation and Getting Started

The installation process is as easy as it gets. Once you download the setup, you need to run it, and within a few seconds AcePDF will be ready to use on your pc. You don’t need any additional drivers, files, or tools to make it work. If you are starting with the free trial, you will be ready when it is installed, and to upgrade it to the premium, you press the button on the top right.

Final Words

When searching for a PDF editor tool, you must look for all the features and specifications that meet your requirements. If you are a windows user looking for a reliable PDF editor, we recommend you try AcePDF. You can download and start for free and upgrade to premium plans if you like the tool’s user experience. AcePDF will never make you feel missed out on any feature since it offers everything you need to do on a PDF document.

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