9 Free Apps for Windows 10 PC

According to a study by StatCounter, about half of the world’s computers are running Windows 10. The latest version of the Redmond operating system has become the preferred choice of users. Part of its success is not only to the price of computers sold with Windows 10 but also to the number of apps compatible with the windows system: from games and professional programs to everyday applications and specialized tools. This time, Techidence have made a compilation of 9 Windows 10 Application you can install for free.

Recuva: To Recover Deleted Files or Damaged Hard Disks


This is a tool developed by the same people responsible for CCleaner. As its name indicates, Recuva’s functions are limited to recovering files that have been deleted from the system, as well as from external storage drives that have suffered some type of damage. Images, videos, PDF documents, music, emails…

Recuva also allows users to securely and permanently delete files in a way that cannot be recovered by third-party tools. Like CCleaner, it has a paid version with certain exclusive features. Fortunately, the free version has a good number of tools that allow users to perform the functions mentioned above.

FormatFactory: A Free File Converter


Converting music, videos, and images to different file formats can be a bit cumbersome if we depend on third-party websites. FormatFactory is a powerful tool that gathers three open-source converters (FFmpeg, Mencoder, and CxImage) to convert any multimedia element to the extension we indicate: JPG, BMP, PNG, TIF, MP3, WMA, MMF, AMR, OGG, MP4, 3GP, MPG, AVI, WMV, etc. It also allows users to copy different files to CD and DVD-based storage units.

It should be noted that the program can be detected by certain antivirus as “potentially dangerous software”, but the truth is that it is safe.

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WiFiGuard: To See Computers Connected to Our Wifi Network


Do you suspect that there is an intruder in your home’s WiFi network? WiFiGuard comes as a tool that allows users to know in detail all the computers that are connected to the WiFi network by MAC address.

The advantage of WiFiGuard over other programs is that it can show users a complete list of all the computers that have ever connected to the WiFi network, regardless of whether they are turned off or on. It also has a powerful feature that detects computers with an active firewall. Unfortunately, the application does not allow users to take action on these computers. In this case, you will have to resort to the router configuration, which you can access by typing in the browser search box the address

BatteryInfoView: A Tool to Know the Health of a Laptop Battery


Unlike macOS, Windows does not have a native tool that allows us to know in a simple way the health of the battery of a laptop. For this task, we have to resort to third-party software, such as BatteryInfoView.

This is a tool designed exclusively to report battery information, from the charge capacity in mWh to the history of charges made in a given period. It also allows the user to know the original load capacity of the battery and the temperature at which it operates in real time. In short, a must-have for our laptop.

OpenShot: An Open Source Video Editor


If you’re looking for a free yet simple video editor, Openshot comes as one of the best options in your industry. It is an open-source video editor created in 2008 to compete with most paid publishers in the market.

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Among the countless features, it has we find the possibility of adding unlimited tracks, time and slow-motion effects, 3D animations, custom titles, animation, and keyframes. It also allows users to export in high definition, although its greatest advantage is the simplicity of its interface compared to other professional editors.

GreenShot: The Best Program for Screenshots


It is a tool that allows you to take screenshots in Windows. The advantage over Windows native capture gestures is that one can adjust practically any parameter of the program to capture the region of the screen you want to capture: from a complete web page to one or several windows, passing through a selected region of the screen or a complete capture.

Another advantage of Recuva is the possibility of exporting the captures to a multitude of image formats. It also has tools that allow users to edit the captured image. Highlighting a text, underlining a paragraph, and making annotations.

FreeOffice: The Closest Alternative to Microsoft Office


Although there are many alternatives to Microsoft Office in the market, the truth is that few of them succeed in overshadowing it. FreeOffice is one of them, with an interface that perfectly matches Microsoft’s office suite, as you can see in the images. One of the great advantages of the free suite is its compatibility with documents initially created in Microsoft Office.

As a good office suite, FreeOffice has all the necessary tools to create text documents, spreadsheets, and slide shows. Unfortunately, some of the program’s features are paid for, although the free features are sufficient for most users as long as we do not demand professional use of the suite.

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KeePass: The Best Free Password Manager


It’s a fact, most password managers you can find on the market are either paid or depend on an Internet connection to work. KeePass breaks with this premise through an offline tool that besides being developed in open source, has quite interesting functions.

The program in question integrates a fairly simple interface that allows us to add different websites depending on the type of service. It also allows users to add their user name or email address, the website’s URL and password, and note whose content can be customized to their liking. It also has an Android version that we can download for free.

DeepL: The Best Translator for Windows


Neither Google Translate nor Microsoft Bing, DeepL is the best translator for our computers. DeepL is the translation engine used in Linguee, one of the best-known sites in the world of translation. Its great advantage concerning other options in the market is found in the use of Artificial Intelligence to perform natural translations according to the context. Even though it has a smaller list of supported languages, the quality of its translations is superior to that offered by Google.

If we focus on the program developed for computers, DeepL supports the use of keyboard commands, which means that we can automate translations by double-clicking on the key combination we use to copy a text (Control + C in Windows or Command + C in Linux and Mac). A paid version is available, although the free version is sufficient for most translations.

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