8 Best Extensions for Microsoft Edge Chromium in 2023

Microsoft Edge Chromium is one of the newest and fastest browsers that arrived in 2020. To get all the performance and increase productivity in a lot of processes we tell you what are the 8 best extensions for Microsoft Edge Chromium in 2023.

Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus

One of the most annoying things when browsing any website are the pop-up ads that appear on certain websites. To avoid them the Adblock Plus extension is ideal as it blocks ads automatically.

Best of all, this extension is free and open source. Once you install it you will see how it blocks ads and pop-ups that are annoying, blocks YouTube ads, helps pages load faster, and also prevents malicious or misleading advertising.



Do you want to enjoy a movie with your friends, but each one at home from your computer? Well, it is now possible with Teleparty an extension for Microsoft Edge Chromium that allows you to watch Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus, Hulu, and HBO simultaneously with your friends.

Just install it, sync video playback, and add it to the chat in the streaming channel. You can watch the movie or series and while chatting with your friends or acquaintances about what is happening in it.

Norton Safe Web

Norton Safe Web

Among the 8 best extensions for Microsoft Edge Chromium in 2022 can not miss one that provides the necessary security for web browsing. That is Norton Safe Web.

This extension warns when the user visits dangerous sites and alerts to any online theft or scam. When a page is loaded Norton gives information about its reputation and blocks malicious pages and downloads that can occur when surfing the web.

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Microsoft Editor

If you usually write on your Facebook wall from the browser or in any other social network or on a website where you have to leave a well-presented and well-written comment you can not miss the Microsoft Editor that will help you in writing.

This assistant is free and with it, you will improve your writing because it will check spelling, grammar, and punctuation. From this extension, you can also open Word much faster.

Refresh All Tabs

If you have ever needed to refresh all the tabs you have open because the content is changing and you have had to go one by one doing this function, this is solved by the Refresh All Tabs extension for Microsoft Edge.

From a single button, the extension refreshes all tabs that are open in the browser, thus preventing websites from caching. The icon can be pinned for much faster access.

All Video Downloader professional

All Video Downloader professional

If you have seen a video on Facebook or YouTube that you would love to store on your computer, the All Video Downloader professional extension allows you to download it easily. You can tap the icon that appears on the video and it will automatically be saved to your device’s downloads. You can also play them in any size.

Dark Reader

Dark Reader

Spending long hours in front of the computer screen can cause eyestrain due to the high brightness emitted by the white light of the browser. To avoid this discomfort and take care of our eyes, the Dark Reader extension is ideal. This extension enables night mode in the browser, thus eliminating contrasts.

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The extension is configurable and can be used to adjust brightness and contrast. In addition to the dark mode, you can also use the sepia filter.


We close the 8 best extensions for Microsoft Edge Chromium in 2023 with Ecosia, a search engine similar to Google, but with a very different purpose: the revenue they get from advertising goes to plant trees. Ecosia has already planted a lot of trees in Spain, but also in other countries such as Ethiopia, Brazil, and Indonesia. Always in places necessary for the conservation of biodiversity. This extension does not store your searches nor does it track the pages you visit.

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