7 Reasons Why Your WhatsApp Could Get Banned

WhatsApp has been crowned as the most popular instant messaging application in the world. Also as the most used, despite the growing competition. Since Facebook acquired the application the pace with which the improvements have come has increased significantly. The fight against spam has been more present than ever in the latest WhatsApp updates. With this strategy, it seeks to maintain its advantage over its rivals.

A situation that is unusual but may occur is that WhatsApp can ban your account. There are currently a few known cases but it is a reality. Although the application does not just ban user accounts for no reason. So we leave you with the misconduct that can get your WhatsApp banned.

If these reasons can be noted we can avoid falling into any of these issues or errors while using WhatsApp. These are the main reasons the application could decide to ban a user’s account:

If many users block you

If you have been blocked by many users, the application will suspect that you are using your account for suspicious purposes. Since it is not usual for a large number of users to decide to block you. There may be cases where a couple of users blocked you (Ex-partners, friends you had issues with) but if the number is high or it occurs in a short time, WhatsApp will suspect. Therefore, it is best to have normal behavior in conversations.

Sending too many messages to strangers

If something is clear in the WhatsApp Terms and Conditions is that the company suspects all communication with people not listed in your contacts. If it is not advisable to create groups that include strangers, neither is it to start individual chats in this way. WhatsApp perceives this action as spam or harassment of strangers. Therefore, it is recommended that before you chat with people, it is best to send a couple of test messages and wait for a response from the contacts.

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Using the application on several devices at the same time

The application contemplates that you will only use the phone number on a single smartphone at a time. So if you are a user who has a dual SIM, it is expected that you only use it with one of the two lines. It may be the case that you want to use it with the two telephone lines, but this activity is not contemplated by WhatsApp. So there is a risk of ending up on the banned list for this reason.

Not been a trustworthy person for the application

This sounds a bit odd, but it is directly related to the terms and conditions of WhatsApp. Like most users, when we download the application we accept it without reading the terms and conditions of it. Therefore, it is recommended to read these terms carefully. Since they specify some of the activities or attitudes that will not be accepted by users. The application may consider that you have violated those terms.

Excess groups

There are many users in the application that have many groups. A group with friends, another for the family, one from the university or work, another from the gym. The list can be endless. It is something that is perceived as normal. But, the surprising thing is that WhatsApp does not consider it normal. An excessive number of groups, while the majority of group contacts are strangers, is considered a suspicious activity by the application. Therefore, the recommendation is to try to minimize the number of groups we create or in which we are present in the application.

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Using third-party applications

WhatsApp Plus

There are alternative applications to WhatsApp that promise, not only to match the official version but offer a more complete experience. This is the case of applications like WhatsApp Plus or GBWhatsApp, which include many more features and options such as freezing the connection time or canceling sent messages. However, using this type of application can get your number banned.

Sending the same message to many contacts

WhatsApp Ban

WhatsApp believes that sending the same message to many people can be considered spam even if they have saved your contact and could lead to a temporary blocking of your account. If you want to send the same message to many users and do not want to expose yourself to any risk, WhatsApp recommends the use of broadcast messages.

These are the main reasons your WhatsApp account could get banned. So it is good to know them and thus avoid carrying out any of these activities.

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