55 Google Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts

It’s not for nothing that Google Chrome is the most widely used browser in the world. Beyond support for third-party extensions, the application supports dozens of keyboard shortcuts that allow us to extend the browser’s capabilities. Close tabs, download files and increase font size. We’ve compiled some of these combinations to master Chrome like a Jedi master.

To apply the commands that we will see below in macOS and Linux you will have to replace the Control key with the Command key. Also, the activation of certain commands will depend on the active distribution of the keyboard (ISO, American, Spanish)

Basic Keyboard Shortcuts to Master Google Chrome

Open your webpage history, search for words within a webpage, and access your Chrome Downloads folder. Let’s look at some of the most basic commands for mastering the Google browser.

  • Alt + F: Open the Google Chrome Main Menu.
  • Control + Shift + B: Hide or show the Chrome Bookmarks Bar.
  • Control + C: Copy text.
  • Control + V: Paste text.
  • Control + Z: Undo an action.
  • Control + Shift Z: Redo an action.
  • Control + F: Activate the Internal Search Bar to search for words in a certain web page.
  • Control + G: Go to the next result of the search made with the command Control + F.
  • Control + Shift + G: Go to the previous result of the search made with the command Control + F.
  • Control + H: Open the History of web pages.
  • Control + J: Open Chrome Downloads.
  • F11: Turn Google Chrome’s full-screen mode on or off.
  • Control + Shift + Q: Exit Google Chrome.

Google Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows and Tabs

Controlling tabs and pages are possible using keyboard commands. Actions are as simple as opening a new tab, opening a window in Incognito mode, or moving between the different active tabs. There are many possible combinations, as we will see below.

  • Alt + Home: Open the Google Chrome home page.
  • Control + T: Open a tab.
  • Control + N: Open a window.
  • Control + W: Close the active tab (also valid with Control + F4)
  • Control + Shift + W: Close the active window.
  • Control + Shift + N: Open a window in Incognito mode.
  • Control + Shift + T: Recover the last closed tab in Google Chrome.
  • Alt + Left: Open the last page loaded in Google Chrome history.
  • Alt + Right: Open the next page loaded in Google Chrome’s history.
  • Alt + Space bar + N: Minimize the Google Chrome window.
  • Alt + Space bar + X: Maximize the Google Chrome window.
  • Control + Tab: Go to the next open tab.
  • Control + Shift + Tab: Go to the previous open tab.
  • Control + 1, Control + 2, Control + 3 (up to number 8): Go to a specific tab in its order in Google Chrome.
  • Control + 9: Go to the last open tab in Google Chrome.
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Key Combinations to Control Web Pages in Chrome

To perform actions within a given web page we can use a good number of commands to speed up this task. Save a page, expand its content, see the source code, move to the start of the web …

  • Space bar: Scroll down a web page.
  • Shift + Space bar: Scroll up on the active web page.
  • Home: Scroll to the beginning of a web page.
  • Control + +: Increase the size of a web page.
  • Control + -: Decrease the size of a web page.
  • Control + 0: Return to the original size of a web page.
  • End: Scroll to the end of a web page.
  • Control + P: Print a web page.
  • Control + S: Save a web page.
  • Control + R: Reload a web page.
  • Esc: Stop the loading of a web page.
  • Control + D: Save a web page in Bookmarks.
  • Control + Shift + D: Save all active tabs to Bookmarks.

Chrome Shortcuts to control Browser with Mouse

Outside the conventional shortcuts, Google has enabled a series of actions that we can perform by combining the use of the mouse and the keyboard. Adjust the size of a web page, and open a tab in the background.

  • Control + Click on a link: Open a new tab in the background with the original link
  • Control + Shift + Click on a link Open a new tab in the foreground with the original link.
  • Shift + Click on a link: Open a new window with the original link.
  • Alt + Click on a link: Download the link content.
  • Control + Mouse wheel moved up: Increase the size of a web page.
  • Control + Mouse wheel moved down: Reduce the size of a web page.
  • Shift + Mouse Wheel Up: Scroll right on a web page.
  • Shift + Mouse Wheel down: Scroll left on a web page.
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Advanced Keyboard Commands to use with Google Chrome

If you want to get the most out of Google Chrome, you can use a series of shortcuts that allow you to activate certain advanced tools. View the source code of a web page, open the browser’s Task Manager, etc.

  • Control + Shift + J: Open Google Chrome Developer and Programmer Tools.
  • Control + Shift + M: Sign in with a new user in Google Chrome.
  • Control + U: Display the HTML source code of a web page.
  • Control + Shift + O: Open the Google Chrome Bookmark Manager.
  • Control + Shift + Delete: Open options to delete browsing data from Google Chrome.
  • Shift + Escape: Open the Google Chrome Task Manager.

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