5 Tips and Tricks to Improve Samsung Battery in 2023

The cell phone battery is one of the best yardsticks for monitoring the condition of the device, especially when it comes to the inside of the phone. Apart from the external wear and tear due to use or some falls, some symptoms indicate whether the system is working properly or not. We are going to show you tips and tricks to improve the battery of your Samsung in 2023.

If your mobile is consuming a lot of battery, it is either several years old or you are doing something wrong in your daily routine. The advantage is that having a Galaxy, there are different options to improve the autonomy and lifespan of the device. This includes both generic methods that can be used on any Android, as well as Samsung’s recommendations for the use of One UI. You do not have to apply them all, only the most necessary ones that can be adapted to your day-to-day.

Take Care of the Temperature of the Phone

Gaming on Samsung

This is a tremendously basic gesture and your mobile will be very grateful. You must keep your Samsung away from extreme temperatures, especially heat. Whether you are charging it or not, the lithium batteries of cell phones take very badly the high temperatures, losing much capacity and autonomy. Not to mention that these devices do not have ventilation or cooling systems.

Therefore, do not expose the cell phone directly to the sun for a long time, as well as keep it away from devices such as stoves or heaters. Also, do not fall into myths such as the incompatibility of playing games while the mobile is charging, as this is false.

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Configure the Performance Optimizer

Perfomance Optimizer

The first thing you can do from the system to improve autonomy is to adjust the potential of the mobile for the times when it is necessary. This allows you to extend the battery for the rest of the day since you do not always use the phone to play games or for demanding apps. Samsung allows you to modify the performance of the Galaxy to maintain a controlled overall consumption. Here are the steps to enable this optimizer:

  • Go into Settings on your Galaxy;
  • Go to Device Maintenance;
  • Click on Battery;
  • Go to Performance Mode and select Optimized.

In addition to this, you can choose from different modes such as Medium or Extreme Power Saver. You also have the option to enable Adaptive Power Saving, so that One UI will adapt the performance according to your usage, thus controlling the consumption throughout the day.

Use Idle Mode

Another feature that allows you to control the operation of apps in the background. In this way, One UI lets you enable automatic deactivation when you are not actively using an app. This avoids one of the biggest problems in the battery drain of a mobile, which is the background consumption of applications. Try not to disable social networks like WhatsApp, Instagram, or similar so you don’t miss message notifications. Do this to manually enable the idle mode:

  • From Settings, go into Device Maintenance;
  • Click on Battery usage;
  • Check the list of the most battery-consuming apps. Tap Hide OS and system apps to see only the apps you have downloaded;
  • Turn on the Put in the idle mode switch.
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It only remains to repeat this step for each app you want to disable when you stop being on screen and do not consume in the background.

Configure Screen Settings

Screen mode

Another important aspect is the time spent on the screen on the mobile. Battery life is measured by screen hours, so it is the best measure to know if the autonomy is good or not. Apart from other settings such as mobile networks, Bluetooth, or GPS, you also have to regulate the Samsung screen to save a little more battery.

From Settings, go to Display and configure the different options available. Among others, you can regulate the standby time in which the screen is active, as well as adjust the brightness of the screen according to the time. Another recommendation we give you is to use wallpapers with dark tones and night mode in most apps you can. In addition to improving battery life, it also helps to take care of your eyesight.

Cycle the Battery Without Maxing It Out

This is one of the most complicated tasks to perform because you have to do everything manually and that doesn’t manage to adapt to everyone’s day-to-day life. However, if you can apply it in your routine, you are going to exponentially boost the lifespan of your battery and your Samsung Galaxy. In short, it is a series of guidelines to follow when charging your phone.

The first thing you should be clear about is that current batteries do not need to be charged to the maximum, i.e. 100%. That only causes to force the maximum capacity of the battery and wears out the lithium ions. It is advisable to make half-charge cycles, with a charge up to 70-80% of its capacity.

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Other settings such as reducing the screen resolution to Full HD, disabling Always On Display, or turning off Bixby can help increase the autonomy of the mobile so that the battery does not spend so much.

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