4 Meditation Apps for Relaxation and Better Sleep

Meditation apps can be good allies in your routine because they help you concentrate, improve your night’s sleep, and help you relax after a tiring day at work. Calm, Headspace, Zen, and Meditopia are some of the apps for Android and iPhone (iOS) with exercises to improve breathing and control anxiety and stress. The services also provide bedtime stories and music, with soundscapes to calm the user.

In the list below, Techidence has gathered four meditation apps to relax and sleep better. Check below how the apps work, what features are offered by each of them, and what are the positive and negative points of the apps.

1. Calm


Calm is available for Android and iPhone and brings together a series of exercises to help you relax and sleep better. When you first open the app, you must indicate your meditation goal among the options “Sleep better,” “Increase happiness,” or “Reduce stress.” From there, Calm sends suggestions with daily activities to help you on your journey.

Throughout the app, you can navigate through tabs focusing on “Meditation”, “Sleep”, and “Music”. The “Meditation” tab brings exercises in sessions that last, on average, ten minutes. In “Sleep” and “Music” you can check out playlists with remixes of sleep songs, as well as soundscapes and stories to help you fall asleep. The app offers free meditation plans, but most of the exercises are paid and require a subscription, which costs $69.99 for the annual plan.

2. Headspace


To start using Headspace, you need to register and select the reason you want to use the app. If you want to control the stress and anxiety of your routine, the app will send you suggestions for meditation to relax. If your focus is on using Headspace to sleep better, the app can provide sleep casts and music to help you achieve this goal.

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The app is available for Android and iPhone and has a simple and intuitive interface. On the bottom menu, you can check out exercises to meditate, improve sleep, and help with concentration. The downside of the app is that most of the activities are only available to paid subscribers. The subscription costs $5.83 for the monthly plan or $69.99 for the annual plan.

3. Zen


Zen offers some exercises to help you sleep better and faster, and brings together some practices to help control anxiety. To start exploring the app’s features, you must first indicate your goal. You can choose to use Zen to learn to meditate, relieve anxiety, or increase focus.

The app is available for Android and iPhone and is very easy to use. On the home page, you can check out the suggested exercises for the day. On the bottom menu, there are tabs to check programs, podcasts, music, bedtime stories, and meditations on various topics. A positive point of the app is that you can indicate a feeling or emotion to listen to a meditation on the subject. Zen brings together paid and free activities, and to unlock all the exercises, it is necessary to subscribe to the premium plan, which costs $12.99 per month or $69.99 per year.

4. Meditopia


Meditopia has an app for Android and iPhone and offers several exercises to help you relax. On the homepage, you can indicate how you are feeling and, based on your answer, the app can suggest some activities. At the bottom menu, you can access tabs such as “Meditate”, “Sleep”, and “Music”, which indicate different playlists.

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In “Meditate” you can listen to programs that teach meditation and use it to control stress and anxiety. In “Sleep”, you can listen to guided meditations or check out stories to help you sleep. In “Music”, you can select nature sounds to help you concentrate, such as wind, rain, and wave noises.

In “Profile” you can track your progress, checking the number of sessions you have attended and the minutes practiced in the app. Like the other options on the list, Meditopia also includes paid exercises, which require a subscription. To access them, it is necessary to pay $8 per month or $50 per year.

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