3 Facts You Should Know About Fighting Speeding Tickets

Want to Contest a Speeding Ticket? Here’s What You Can Do

Getting pulled over by a police officer for speeding in itself can be a stressful event. If it is your first time, chances are you would be confused as to what to do next. If you plan to fight a speeding ticket then you need to be prepared so you can get over the ordeal in a quick and no-hassle manner.

To begin with, before contesting, make notes of the whole event that took place like the date, time, location, and any other facts you can remember. Also, try to recollect your conversation with the police officer to make sure you have not pleaded guilty at that time due to panic. Once you have all these ready, you can utilize the below three facts to ensure the process is smooth.

You Can Take Third-Party Assistance

You don’t need to do this all by yourself which anyways can be overwhelming. It might take more time and money and the chances of you overlooking some key details are higher. You can choose to contest through the WinIt app which will make the process easier. All you need to do is follow the instructions by uploading the necessary documents and filling in the details required. They will then contest the speeding ticket on your behalf. At the same time, though this is a more expensive option, you can take legal assistance by hiring a lawyer who can assist you

Expectations at Court


If you have never been to court, do not stress as the traffic court procedures are generally routine. Many people have preconceived notions as to how the court hearing is, from what they have seen on TV. Be assured it is not at all like that. You will appear in court and be given instructions to give your argument against the speeding ticket. If your ticket is a more serious speeding offense like getting several tickets or speeding in special zones, getting legal help is advised. Also if you have got a ticket in another country and you can’t go there, you can give a power of attorney to a lawyer who can represent you in that specific court without your presence.

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Court Ethics

This is very vital when you are fighting a ticket. Be on time for your case hearing. If you don’t show up for your case, you could face more serious consequences and even incur additional fines. You can make or break your case by simply behaving in a good manner at the court. Dress properly as it is not an informal or casual event. Also once the proceedings are in process, you cannot interrupt the judge or use rude language against them or the police. In many countries, it is a serious offense to behave badly in front of legal professionals.

Be Prepared for The Decision Hearing

After going through the procedure, there are chances of your winning or losing the case. If you are completely prepared with all information, your chances of winning are higher. Also, you won’t waste your and the court’s time by coming unprepared.

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