14 Useful Google Assistant Voice Commands in 2023

Most people know that Google Assistant exists, but few take full advantage of it. That’s why today we’ll walk you through 14 useful Google Assistant voice commands in 2023. If you wanted to take advantage of everything that this marvel of artificial intelligence has for you, well, then you’ve come to the right place.

Google Assistant was born in May 2016 to become the AI-powered virtual assistant of choice on Android. This one can engage in two-way conversations and offer you an experience similar to Siri or Alexa. And although millions of people have it on their phones, it is sometimes difficult to see its potential when you don’t know the commands.

14 Useful Voice Commands for Google Assistant in 2023

We bring you a list of 14 useful Google Assistant voice commands that you can use in 2023. We recently showed you the best Alexa commands and now we explain to you how to make the most of this magical Google invention. Try each command to have a great time with your assistant!

Open Your Apps Using Your Voice

Open Your Gmail Using Your Voice

Just say “OK, Google, open Gmail” and you will see how it opens the mail application. Without a doubt, this is one of the most useful Google Assistant commands out there, you can even open other apps (including third-party apps).

Have it read web pages aloud

If you’re reading an article on your phone via the browser, you can say “Ok Google, read it” or also “Hi Google, read this page” to have the Assistant narrate the web content to you. This is a great Google Assistant command for accessibility, as it allows you to determine the reading pace and follow the highlighted text as the pages scroll automatically. In addition, the assistant can translate the page from the language it was written into the language of your choice.

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Search for Images with the Google Assitant

One of the most interesting and useful voice commands is image search. Just ask the Google Assistant to search for images of whatever you can imagine and it will do it in a matter of seconds. A simple and effective command that works for any image you want to find.

Ask for Advice on where to go

If you have no idea where to go shopping, dancing, or eat, Google Assistant makes your life easier with its Nearby feature. Just tell the assistant “Show me nearby restaurants” (or stores or clubs) and you’ll find that perfect place near you. The Google Assistant will show you a list of restaurant names with their star ratings, then it’s up to you to tap it to get the address or call the establishment.

Play your Favorite Movies and Series from NetFlix

With Netflix Assistant, you can play your favorite shows and movies using your voice. For example, say “Play Peaky Blinders on Netflix” and the AI will work its magic. One of the useful Google Assistant commands you probably didn’t know about.

Listen to Positive News

If you’re tired of hearing yellow and negative news, Google Assistant can show you a better picture. How? Just say “Tell me something good” and it will summarize a positive news story with the ability to get more information by tapping its enlace.

Stay Up to date with Sports Scores

Stay up to date with sport results

Perhaps one of the most useful Google Assistant voice commands, especially for those who love sports. Google Assistant allows you to find out who won by simply asking “Who won the match between Liverpool and Manchester City?”. In addition, you can also ask Google Assistant for historical sports data, such as “Who was the scorer of the 2002 World Cup?” (Ronaldo)”.

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Set Alarms with Google Assistant

One of Google Assistant’s fastest and most useful commands is to set alarms. All you have to do is mention one of these phrases for the AI to work its magic:

  • Set an alarm on (day) at (time).
  • Set an alarm at (time)
  • Add an alarm at (time)
  • Wake me up tomorrow at (time)
  • Disable the next alarm
  • Disable all alarms

Use Reminders with Google Assitant

This Google command is very similar to the alarms we mentioned just before. Why? Because you just have to say out loud any of these phrases:

  • Remind me to (you mention what you want to be reminded of).
  • Set a timer within (the time you want)
  • Set a countdown timer for (any amount of time you want)
  • What do I have for today?
  • What will my day be like?
  • Good morning
  • Create a calendar event for (whatever you want to do) on (day) at (time)
  • What are my plans for tomorrow?
  • When is my next meeting?
  • Where have I parked?

Get Information of All Kinds

In case you didn’t know, Google’s voice commands go beyond specific functions. Since the Assistant is integrated with the search engine, you can ask it anything that crosses your mind. The Assistant will answer you in such a human way that you will be surprised. You can try questions like these:

  • How many days until Christmas?
  • When is Mohammed Salah’s birthday?
  • Who is the director of the series Money Heist?

Send a Voice Note with Google Assistant

If you say “Ok Google, send a voice note to (contact)”, the Assistant will send voice notes to the person you mentioned. Once the message is assembled, the Assistant will ask you to choose which messaging app or communication channel you want to send it through. It couldn’t be easier!

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Find out How to Reach Your Destination

Get to your destination

If you’ve been invited out and don’t know how to get to the place, just use the voice command “Ok Google, how do I get to (place)?”. By doing that, Google Assistant will guide you to your destination seamlessly by finding the best traffic access road to get you there in record time.

Play with your Assistant

The command “Ok Google, let’s play a game” will show you an inventory of games for you to choose from and entertain yourself with the Assistant. ideal for killing time!

Google Jokes

Are you bored? Then have Google entertain you with the following command: “Ok Google, tell me a joke”. Laughter is guaranteed (or maybe not).

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