11 Interesting Features on Android 11

Android 11 is here. The new version of Google’s operating system comes today to some Pixel, OnePlus, Xiaomi, OPPO, and Realme phones. The rest of the devices will be updated when the manufacturers have their customization layer ready, as usual. The new version of Android comes with new features that will help users better control their conversations, connected devices, privacy, and much more. So we have thought to tell you 11 of the most interesting new features that we can find in Android 11.

Dedicated Section in the Notifications for Messaging Apps

If you use several different messaging applications you may have to switch from one to another to answer your contacts. In Android 11 all conversations we have in messaging applications will be moved to a dedicated space in the notification section, making it easier to manage conversations in one place.

We will also be able to prioritize the conversations of the people who are most important to us. This way we will never miss an important message from that person.



Bubbles come to enhance the multitasking of the Android operating system. Now we can respond to important conversations without having to switch between what we are doing and the messaging app.

When a message arrives, a “bubble” will appear on the screen and from there we can respond, without having to close the application we were using.

Built-in Screen Recording

Scren Recording

Android 11 includes, at last, the screen recording incorporated into the system. Now we can capture and share what we are doing on the mobile without the need for an external or manufacturer’s application.

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The recording can include sound, captured from the device’s microphone, and what happens on the screen. We can also choose to record only sound, only image, or both.

All Smart Devices in the Same Place

Now we can access all our smart devices from one place, simply by pressing and holding the power button.

This way we can control our connected devices, such as the thermostat or the intelligent lights, with just one touch and without having to open the different applications of the manufacturers.

Enhanced Multimedia Controls

The multimedia controls have also been redesigned and are more useful than ever. We can now quickly change the device on which the media is playing, so we can switch music from headphones to wireless speakers without having to stop the music or open third-party applications.

Wireless Android Auto

Wireless Android Auto

The arrival of Android 11 brings one of the most awaited news by drivers: Wireless Android Auto. It will no longer be necessary to connect the mobile to the car through a USB cable to use Android Auto. However, we will need an Android 11 mobile phone and a compatible vehicle.

This way we can take advantage of all the functions of Android Auto without depending on a cable that we can forget or that may not work. We will have to wait to see if the implementation of this system is good.

One Time Permissions

One time permission

The new “One Time Permissions” will allow us to grant one-time access to our device’s most sensitive permissions, such as a microphone, camera, and location.

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Since it is a one-time use, the next time we open the application we will have to grant permission again. This can be interesting for applications that we don’t use much and that we don’t like to have permanent permissions.

Automatic Resetting of Permissions

Reset permission

And speaking of permissions, Android 11 incorporates a new function that automatically “resets” the permissions of applications that have not been opened for a long time.

Google understands that if you haven’t used an application installed on your device for a long time, you may not want it to continue accessing your data. So the system will perform an automatic reset and notify the user. The next time we run the application it will ask us again for the permissions it needs.

Modular Updates

With Android 11 the system receives the “additional Google Play system update-modules”, modules that will allow security and privacy corrections to be made in the same way that applications are updated.

In this way, we can receive these corrections as soon as they are available, without having to wait for a more complete update of the operating system.

Work Profile

Work profile

Android 11 incorporates the “work profile”, a way to provide the privacy needed to use a personally owned device as an enterprise device.

The work profile provides company IT departments with a tool to manage a device without having to monitor personal profile data or phone activity. This will allow users to use their mobile phone as a work phone without affecting their privacy.

Additional Features for Google Pixels

Pixel 4
Pixel 4

If you use a Pixel 2 or higher you can get some additional features to organize and manage your mobile. For example, you will have suggestions for applications on the home screen based on your daily routines.

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You will also have new summary actions that will allow you to take a screenshot of an application and select text and images.

These are just the main new features of Android 11, but not the only ones. As we said at the beginning, Android 11 will start being launched today on some Google Pixel phones. It could also reach some OnePlus, Xiaomi, OPPO, and Realme models. The rest of the models will have to wait since it is each manufacturer who must adapt Android 11 to its customization layer. It is the good part of having a Google Pixel device, which is not necessary to wait to receive the latest updates to the operating system of the search engine giant.

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