10 Mitorrent Alternatives To Download Torrent in 2023

Downloading torrents always requires extra attention from the user. The constant shutdowns to which many torrent file search engines are subjected or the appearance of mirror pages that only redirect the user to websites that are not particularly safe can be frustrating. To avoid these problems it is always good to have at hand one, two, or 10 alternatives to Mitorrent to download torrent in 2023, so you will always have an ace up your sleeve in case it is necessary.

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The adaptation of LimeTorrents to the frequent closures by the authorities has made its domain change over time constantly, so you likely thought that this site was already inactive. In reality, you can still download the content of all kinds, from movies to computer applications, intuitively by accessing the ‘.lol’ domain.


Another of the classic torrent download sites is Kickasstorrents, which is also still active for the time being, although there is one factor to take into account to use it without risk. When accessing the file you want to download, you will not have to click on the ‘Download Torrent’ button, but on the icon with a magnet on the left. This will directly open the torrent download program that you have installed on your computer and you will not end up being redirected to pages full of ‘malware’, that malicious advertising that can end up compromising the security of your computer.

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Mejor Torrent

The main torrent search engines usually provide results in English, a detail that is not useful for many users. If you are looking for movies, series, or documentaries in Spanish you have a good alternative in Mejor Torrent. This web page with a design more typical of the first decade of the 21st century is very efficient and clean, is very easy to use its internal search engine or directly access the ‘Latest torrents’ tab, where you will also find titles that are difficult to access.



RARBG can be considered one of the major reference sites in terms of torrents. This site has also suffered several crashes, but its user base is usually ready to react with alternative domains when this happens. In its catalog, you can find much more than movies and series. It is a good option to search for games, music, or software for the computer, and it is not necessary to register to download a torrent.


Having the ‘.in’ domain of DonTorrent in the bookmarks folder is a very useful resource, since more than once it happens that one or more alternatives to download torrents are down or have been closed at the same time. With DonTorrent you will have at hand a large amount of audiovisual content and also a wide catalog with more than 4,000 video games from different platforms.

Torrents Bot

Telegram is a good option to search for torrents if websites like Mitorrent are no longer operational. On this platform, you can find several bots that offer the user the desired torrents in a matter of seconds after crawling the network. With alternatives such as Torrents Bot, you will receive the ‘magnet link’ of each torrent file, and you will only have to copy and paste it into the download client you usually use to download it. To know which is the best option, you can also check some data of the file, such as its size or the number of users that are sharing it (which translates into a faster download).

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Another page where you can search for torrents is Torrentlandia, in this case, a portal specialized in movies. On this site, you can search by genre, although the files usually have the audio in Latin Spanish and not in Spanish, which is why it is more used by users from Latin America. In any case, it is a very useful option to get movies and video games without being invaded by advertising.


It is not the best option, since as soon as you access Torrentz2 the antivirus is automatically activated (it is always advisable to have one installed and updated). If you still consider using this torrent search engine on your computer, here you can find all kinds of content, from discontinued games to software programs to install on your PC.

Torrent Downloads

When it comes to downloading torrents, users often appreciate the clean design of the website. This is what Torrent Downloads offers, a website created back in 2007 that is still active offering music files, anime, e-books, and other similar multimedia content that is not always easy to access through the usual channels. To download the torrents, when accessing the desired file name you will have to click on ‘Magnet Download’ instead of the three colorful highlighted buttons at the top, so it’s not for clueless users.



The last working alternative to Mitorrent is SolidTorrents, which has a clean interface but with a little bit of a catch inside. When you click on a file, you have to dodge its supposed streaming window and scroll to the bottom, where you will find the links to the different torrent files available. To be able to use it without fear it will be necessary to make sure that our antivirus is working properly and is updated. Otherwise, the use of this page is not recommended.

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