10 Challenges Faced by Remote Developers

Since the outbreak, the world has awoken to new regulations for traveling, working, and nearly every other daily activity. Several businesses and workplaces began to develop remote working policies and infrastructure support to keep up with the changing lifestyle. In terms of remote work, web development outperforms other industries.

While engineers are not unfamiliar with remote web development, it has yet to reach the depth required for full-scale work-from-home and remote development environments. As a result, both individual engineers and team management must work more to maintain optimal output levels.

On the other hand, working as a remote web designer does not exempt one from the challenges of the work. Here is a list of common challenges that a remote developer may face and tips about how to solve them.

Time Management 

Time management can be complex for any employee. You’ve probably struggled with sticking to a schedule or following a to-do list. Time management becomes a hundred times more challenging when web developers work from home. The flexible hours and unstructured days give you ample time to perform your daily duties. It’s nighttime before you know it, and the most critical task on your to-do list has yet to be finished.

Adding content to the site should be permanent and for this, you need a project management tool. The best project management tool is Microsoft Project. Microsoft Project is project management software that allows professionals to manage projects and the many shifting deadlines and needs of their day-to-day tasks. But if you have a Mac or non-Windows device, you can find a list of similar programs here. To know more about programs like Microsoft Project.


If you’re working remotely, be sure you’re in the right place. Working from home, for example, does not promote a healthy working environment. You will require a dedicated work area. Alternatively, you must be able to leave your worries and tension behind when you leave the “office.” Working from a space intended for other purposes, such as a bedroom or a kitchen, does not provide enough separation between work and personal life.

Ideally, commute from your bedroom to another work location. Use an office or a coffee shop. If it isn’t practicable, attempt to set apart a section of your home for work only. Keep it clear of distractions, such as televisions. Also, if you work from home, getting dressed in the morning helps to separate your work from your personal life.

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Working from home has the advantage of removing coworker distractions. Can you work as a web developer remotely without being distracted? Working from home brings new distractions, such as children, unexpected visitors, or pets that want your care. It’s difficult to eliminate every sort of noise or distraction short of evicting everyone from the house. There are, however, some things you may take to reduce distractions.

  • Make a sign alerting everyone that you will not be disturbed during a specific time. You can put a “do not disturb” sign on your door or lock it to prevent anyone from entering.
  • Keep consistent working hours. Your family will ultimately adjust to your job schedule and understand when to leave you alone.

Access to support 

Working in an office gives you easy access to a professional developer who can assess your work and provide immediate feedback on areas for improvement. In the worst-case scenario, you’ll hear back the next day. Unfortunately, remote workers need this advantage. You may feel muddled or abandoned by your fate.

  • If you have a senior developer on your team, take the initiative to get to know them and keep in touch with them. This way, you’ll have someone to answer your questions and advise you.
  • You can join an online tech support community if you need a senior developer on staff. You’ll almost probably find someone who can assist you. Of course, you must use caution to avoid violating your company’s confidentiality agreement.

Communication Problems 

Communication is vital while working on software remotely; it is the glue that holds everyone together. It is, nevertheless, a substantial challenge for developers. To begin with, remembering to communicate with your team regularly can be challenging. Second, visual assistance is necessary to avoid misunderstandings. The communication difficulty deepens when some of your coworkers work in an office. You’ll miss the water cooler chatter, casual get-togethers, and inside jokes. You could feel alone or excluded.

The solution is to make regular communication a habit. Communicate with both your supervisors and your coworkers. Maintaining open communication channels is crucial whether your entire team is remote or you are the lone remote worker.

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Work-friendly environment 

Finding a suitable workspace is one of the most common issues of remote working. As a developer, your work directly impacts your productivity levels. For example, if your office table is in your bedroom or near the TV in the living room, you will not be as productive as you may be.

Choose a room that is entirely dedicated to work and free of interruptions. If this is not an option, consider heading to a library or a quiet coffee shop.

Lack of human interaction 

Because they spend so much time alone, remote developers frequently suffer from “cabin fever”. Is this because the majority of developers are introverts? You’re bound to have casual conversations with your coworkers or go out for an office lunch together when you work in the office. Working from home might lead to feelings of loneliness and isolation.

Make an effort to maintain a social life. Make every effort to schedule lunch or dinner dates with your friends. You can also join a local group or take classes in your chosen field.

Bad Health Habits 

Working from home may put an end to all of your healthy living ambitions. You could be tempted to grab a quick snack every few hours if the refrigerator is so close. You could also have the opposite problem, where you are so preoccupied with your work that you forget to eat. You may also need to catch up on your fitness routine because you spend your days sitting in one chair.

  • If you forget to eat, you can use your phone to set reminders to eat.
  • If you are prone to unhealthy snacking, you might take drastic measures to eliminate all junk food from your home. You’ll only have healthy options to pick from if you get hungry.
  • Set reminders to go for a stroll outside or have a workout plan in place every morning before you start work.

Time Zone Differences 

Time zones can be a significant hurdle for teams with people from around the world. Some people may be sleeping while others are working. This makes team meetings and obtaining answers to critical topics difficult.

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Even though remote software development is convenient, you should set aside a few hours each day when everyone on your team is awake and online. Some people may have to make accommodations if the four-hour intersection time falls outside typical working hours.


There is an incorrect perception that employees who work from home are obligated to ignore their tasks because there is no one to supervise their job physically. The recent global shift toward remote working has inspired a significant amount of research in this field. And all of the reports agree that remote workers are more productive than on-site workers.

While this is impressive, it also implies that remote workers are more likely to overwork themselves. The issue originates from the fact that work and home are both under the same roof, with no clear boundary between the two. Work never seems to end for remote developers; there’s always one more thing to do to enhance your code. Then it becomes a nighttime adventure.

  • Make plans to leave your home office at the end of the day. You could, for example, arrange to meet a buddy or go to the gym.
  • Create a specific workplace so that work ends when you leave that space. If you need a designated workspace, keep your laptop out of sight so you’re not tempted to keep working.


These are some of the difficulties that every remote software developer faces. Practice the solutions to each challenge to become more productive and make the most of working in the new normal. Remember to work hard during working hours and take short breaks in between. Consume as much healthy food as possible. Communicate effectively with your coworkers and make the most of the time you save by working from home.

Working as a software developer, especially remotely, can be difficult. One may only see the benefits, but the number of challenges one faces may outnumber the benefits. So, overcome the obstacles and enjoy your remote work!

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